NJ-IAAO Fall 2017 Course 331


Course 331 – Mass Appraisal Practices & Procedures

You will need to bring a laptop. Microsoft 2007 recommended for work on excel spreadsheets.

Course 331 – Mass Appraisal Practices and Procedures is designed to build on the subject matter covered in Course 300 (Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal) and prepare students for to take the more advanced mass appraisal courses. It teaches students how to prepare Excel spreadsheets to analyze data and properly apply the analysis. Much emphasis is on data acquisition and analysis that is primarily directed at the cost approach which is a NJ mainstay. Students will learn graphing and other analytical tools in Excel for ratio studies and to support existing cost schedules or to produce new ones. The seven chapters are a combination of lecture w/ Power Point slides, aided in outline form, example Practical Applications, student Exercises and Review Questions. All exercises include suggested solutions.
Recommended: Course 300, Fundamental of Mass Appraisal textbook (FMA)
AQB Approved: 33.50 hours CE with exam / 30 hours CE no exam

*Assessment Div. Manager, City of Milwaukee.
*Certified General Appraiser